The English Curriculum

UntitledWe use the New National Curriculum for English to ensure that all children are taught vital English skills and that they experience a wide range of literature. Daily lessons provide a variety of opportunities to work with a purpose and an audience in mind so that the tasks are meaningful and exciting.

We provide lots of opportunities for children to become great readers, writers, speakers and listeners. This includes taking part in The Big Talk and The Big Write, and being a Storytelling School.

Throughout the school we have an agreed policy on the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening, based on a combination of approaches including the teaching of phonics.  Phonics is taught through a variety of phonics schemes, including ‘Read, Write Inc.’ and phonics teaching is tailored to individual children’s needs.

The enjoyment of the subject is further promoted by special events in school, such as celebration of World Book day, book fairs, theatre group visits, Story Museum visits and storytellers. We also have a  well-stocked school library with a fantastic librarian who supports the children in their reading and book choices.

Storytelling Schools:

St Michael’s is an accredited Storytelling School. In each term, the children learn a story and a non-fiction text from memory, using visual and kinaesthetic cues to help them. As well as developing their memory strategies, this enables them to become storytellers themselves and they learn to share the stories that they have learnt with others orally, before taking part in shared writing as a class and finally using the new language and techniques that they have learnt in their own independent writing. Across a year, children will explore each of the six non-fiction text types as well as six stories from different times and cultures. The story will often link to other areas of learning, for example in art, R.E., and history.



‘Talk for Writing’ – Information sheet for parents:

Talk for writing is a key part of the learning process and essential to the development of writing skills.  Our children are set talk homework each week in terms where they are doing the Big Write and will also be set talk homework related to the class story from time to time. Parent support with the homework is crucial to children’s success in their writing. Talk in general also supports children’s confidence in formulating ideas and sharing these with others.  The Talk Topic information sheet has therefore been posted on our website to provide ideas about when, where and how to support children’s language development.


In Years 2 to 6, spelling is taught using the ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ spelling programme.



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