Primary Sports Funding

The government has provided £150 million per annum of additional funding since September 2013 to improve provision of PE & Sport in primary schools. Schools must spend the money on improving their provision in this area but have the freedom to choose how they do this.

As a school we will have receive £8880 a year during each of the academic year. Our funding will be spent to pay for qualified sports coaches to support and develop the delivery of the PE curriculum. Teachers will work alongside coaches during many of the sessions, observing good practice and learning innovative ways to deliver the PE curriculum.  The extra money is also being used to access the Sports Partnership which offers cluster meetings which update staff knowledge and skills, access to an excellent sports competition calendar across a wide range of sports and ages, and a pool of coaches to support the delivery of the curriculum.

Further uses include paying for transport to and from competitive sporting events, providing additional training for lunch time supervisors to help them engage children in active playtimes and for the purchase of quality equipment to support delivery of the PE.

The ultimate aim is to raise the profile of PE and the standard of teaching and learning of PE and Sport in our school.

An action plan to support the development of PE and Sport at St Michael’s was drawn up for the academic year 2013/14 and 2014/15 and these have been reviewed to show the impact of the funding and the actions.  (See below)

Since the introduction of the Primary PE and Sports Premium, the government has announced that the funding will continue until 2020 with £750m to be invested over the course of the next parliament.  All schools therefore need to make a long term commitment to improving the provision and quality of PE and sport in primary schools so that pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

At St Michael’s we have once again ensured that PE and Sport is a focus area on the School Improvement Plan and drawn up a detailed plan to address this.

The 2015 / 16 action plan to support the development of PE and Sport has not been reviewed.  (See below)


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