Sports News – Autumn 2017

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Our sports teams have had a number of fixtures this term, here are some of our match reports.

Girl’s Football Team

On Friday 13th October Year 5 and Year 6 girls played a match at home. It was an exciting 30
minutes! We won 2-1. We scored first and then the other team drew level. It was a dramatic
ending with the winning goal. (May, Year 6)


On 16th November children from Year 5 and Year 6 had a hockey match. We played a school called
Rye St Anthony. It felt amazing to play such a good team and who knew the rules. Some people
felt scared because their team was really good. It was a big relief when we won, all of us were
shaken. (Nicole, Year 5)

The Year 6 Boys’ Hockey Team

We had a fabulous evening of hockey and played some great attacking play and indeed scored
several super goals. Lorna (Oxford Hockey Club’s School Development Officer)