Head Teacher: Rosalind Owen

Chair of Governors: Elaine Bardwell



Reception:  Mr Lindars

Year 1:   Miss Mote

Year 2:   Mrs Archard

Year 3:   Miss Billingham & Mrs Buchanan (Wednesday)

Year 4:   Miss Dandridge

Year 5:   Mrs Buchanan (Monday and Tuesday) and Mr Cliffe (Wednesday to Friday)

Year 6:   Mrs Hastings

Maternity Leave:  Mrs Hampton, Mrs Otter and Mrs Wilson



Mrs Rosalind Owen: Head Teacher and Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Archard: Deputy Head and Deputy Safeguarding Lead, English and Languages Coordinator

Miss Billingham: Special Educational Needs and Religious Education Coordinator

Mrs Buchanan: Science and Music Coordinator

Mrs Hastings:  PE and PSHE Coordinator

Mr Lindars:  Maths and Computing Coordinator

Miss Dandridge:  Art and Design and Technology Coordinator

Mr Cliffe: History and Geography Coordinator



Mrs Mundy: Nursery Nurse / Forest School

Mrs Halah Abutalib:  Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sanda Chaudhry:  Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss Lydia Mitsopoulou:  Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Abbi Baker:  Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Ann Mayo: Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss Scarlet Deans:  Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sandra Busby:  Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Kathryn Chapman: Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lorraine Armstrong: Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Conchi Caballero-Martin:  Year 6 Teaching Assistant and Spanish Teacher

Mrs Elisabeth England:  Teaching Assistant

Mrs Anita Bagnall:  Teaching Assistant

At certain times in the week some of our Teaching Assistants are employed as Cover Supervisors to provide PPA time for the teaching staff.

PPA cover is also provided by teachers, our sports coaches, our Italian and Spanish Teachers and Forest School activities.



Mrs Judith Davies: Administrative Manager

Mrs Kaye Devine: Finance  Manager

Mrs Sam Pope: Librarian and Spanish Teacher

Mr Alec Newbigging: Caretaker



Mrs Narelle Shelton: Catering Supervisor

Mrs Melanie Gregory: Catering Assistant


Mrs Halah Abutalib

Mrs Nasreen Akhtar

Dr Freda Hughes


Alice Cerruti:  Italian Teacher

Kate Chorley:  Emotional Support Coach

Adam French:  Specialist Sports Coach

Sandra Eldred:  1:1 tutor

Sarah Nash:  1:1 tutor

Peripatetic music teachers visit our school during the course of the week.

Consultancy support for Computing is provided by 123ICT



Miss Ann Mayo:  Play Leader

Mrs Narelle Shelton:  Play Leader

Mrs Anita Bagnall;  Play Worker

Mrs Lydia Mitsopoulou:  Play Worker

Dr Freda Hughes:  Play Worker


PARENT / TEACHER ASSOCIATION (All parents and staff are members)

Georgina Bygott: Chair

Angela Wenham : Secretary

Anvita Matilal: Treasurer