We hold an act of Collective Worship every day.  Four days a week the children come together in the Hall and one day a week (Wednesday for Years 1 & 2 and Thursday for Years 3 to 6) the children have collective worship in the classroom, led by the teacher and their classmates.

The emphasis of Collective Worship is different each day.

Monday:  Values Assembly, led by the head teacher, focuses on St Michael’s core Christian Values as well as our rights, responsibilities and equality. In this assembly, we also celebrate those children who have been noted in the Rainbow Book for their positive behaviour and for demonstrating our school Values.

Tuesday:  Singing Assembly, led by the Mrs Buchanan, our music coordinator.

Wednesday:  Collective Worship for Years 3 to 6 led by the vicar of St Michael’s and All Angels Church, Elaine Bardwell and other clergy

Thursday: Collective Worship for Years 1 and 2 led by the vicar of St Michael’s and All Angels Church, Elaine Bardwell and other clergy.

Collective Worship led by the clergy has a different theme for each half term.

Friday:  Sharing or Class Led Assemblies.  Families are always invited to come to our Friday assemblies, which start at 9:00 in the Hall.  In Sharing Assemblies each class brings something they have been learning that week to share with the school.  Each class leads an assembly three times a year. (Dates of Class Led Collective Worship are available below.)

At this assembly children are also presented with Head Teacher Certificates and other rewards they have earned in or outside school.  We celebrate star writers fortnightly and sing happy birthday to those who have a birthday in the week.

Church Worship: We attend St Michael’s and All Angel’s throughout the year, including to celebrate Harvest, Christmas, Easter and our Year 6 leavers.

Parents are also invited into their children’s class once every half term on Friday mornings between 9:00 and 9:45.

Class led Collective Worship and Sharing Assemblies 2020-21

**During the Covid-19 epidemic all our assemblies are held virtually.  All assemblies, with the exception of Friday’s Sharing Assembly, are pre-recorded and watched by the children in their classrooms.  All classes and any children working from home come together by the power of Zoom for Friday’s Sharing Assemblies.  Class led Collective Worship and special services will be pre-recorded and shared with the school community using a secure link.